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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wet N Wild FOTD 07-31-13

Hello Beauties!!  Welcome back for, yet again, another FOTD.  Today is featuring one of my ALL. TIME. FAVORITE brands EVERRRR Wet N Wild!!  Where shall I start with their products??  I mean, quality, pigmentation, opaqueness, price...the list of benefits goes on AND ON!!  They have one of THEE best drugstore brand beauty lines available! 

Today I wanted to wear a lighter face, however wanted something on the face!  I didn't want to go too crazy with colors, etc., so I kept it simple and chose my Wet N Wild 6 pan palette in Greed - I just used the 2 peachy colors in my crease.  That's it!  I used the matte peach shade and blended that in my crease, and topped that off with the shimmery peach just to add a little pizzazz...I mean, my handle IS TheeGlitterBee, for goodness sakes!!  Gotta have some sort of shimmer in there somewhere :))

For the cheeks I used my Wet N Wild ColorIcon blush in Pearlescent Pink - and I just love this shade.  It could very well be a dupe for Nars Deep Throat blush - but that's all MY opinion.  I think (in price order) it goes: Nars Deep Throat/NYX Cosmetics Pinched/Wet N Wild Pearlescent Pink - those 3 are all very similar in color, however vary, greatly, in price!!  So, in case you're interested, there you go!

On my lips I am wearing Wet N Wild Fergie Daily lipstick with Revlon Snow Pink gloss (possible DUPE for MAC Florabundance??) overtop.  I'm in love with this combo!! 

All of these items can be found at your local Walgreens, KMart, Wal-Mart, CVS and even some Target locations!  The ColorIcon blush retails for $2.99; The ColorIcon 6 pan palette retails for $6.99.  Both TOTALLY worth buying, and if you haven't looked into WNW products, you definitely should; you can't beat the price and the quality of all the products!  You'll thank me later ;))

Thanks for stopping by and remember to leave a trail of glitter ;))

Alicia aka TheeGlitterBee

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