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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stila cosmetics Friends and Family event

Good morning my busy bees!  I am here with some exciting news to share with my fellow makeup lovers – is having a “friends and family” event where you will get 20% off merchandise as well as FREE shipping!!  All you need to do is use the code FRIENDS12 when you check out to take part in this awesome event.  The event runs through June 3rd, so make your wish list and have fun!!  Stila is a FANTASTIC brand and one I would highly recommend!


Until next time, Take care Loves!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cherry Culture Memorial Day Sale

Just a quick "heads up" - I had a moment where I felt like doing nothing (blahh) today while at work and wanted to visit my favorite sights.  One of them happens to be Cherry Culture ( and came across this FABULOUS news!!

So I HAD to share with my lovely followers :))  Behold the FABB news...

courtesy of

Unfortunately not as good of a deal as all NYX was 40% off not too long ago, which I TOTALLY miss out on :((

But this can be as good of a deal as you can possibly get, given EVERYTHING on the website is 20% off!!  Hey, discount will NEVER be a bad thing, no matter how much the percentage, OK??  I'll TAKE ITT!!

Happy shopping to my Lovelies and lemme know what you got!!  I wanna see!!

Take Care FABB peoples <3

Tuesday 5-22-12

So, as most all of you have seen NEON is everywhere!!  I am so in love with it, I can't even explain.  I have so many shirts, shorts, socks, jewelry and even undergarments that sport neon.  I don't care if it screams 80's or not and I ALSO don't care if it goes into "winter", I will still be sporting one of my absolute FAVY trends!  Luckily, living in Florida, we can get away with more than any other state, given it's summer-like all year around...with maybe a couple weeks of cooler weather thrown in the mix!  I am going to include some pics of me wearing my favorite trend and I would LOVE to hear what your favorite trend is of the moment!! 

And I include flowers in my hair, whenever I possibly can!  I love them - they're SOOOOO cutess!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this "mini" post, as I love sharing with you all!  Again, let me know what your favorite trend is for spring/summer - I can't wait to hear from you :))

Remember, every day is a reason to sparkle and *shinee*

Take care Lovelies!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Hey Lovess!  I wanted to share the look I went with for my lips today.  I used NYX Matte l/s in Pale Pink and then Bonne Bell liplites in Strawberry Parfait over it.  I've had the BB liplites for a lil bit now (love it!!) however purchased the NYX l/s not too long ago from Ulta.  I LOVE matte lipsticks and I don't have to have a gloss over it all but felt it would add an extra touch of *PRETTY* by using the BB l/g.  Have any of you used either of these products?

Have a FABB day Guys!!



Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Heyy Lovies! I hope you guys are ALL doing well. I thought I would take the time to share with you the look I went with today as I was feeling my PINK today :)) Pink is DEFF my FAVY color evaa!!

Here's the look :)) The pink on the eyes is, what I like to call, an "iced pink"

For my eyes I used my WnW Vanity palette; I used the top L shade to highlight and the medium brown middle L in my crease.  I LOVE this palette and tend to "visit" this one frequently.  The color I used on my lid was the pretty baby-pink from the "hearts" palette.  It has shimmer in it, however I wanted FULL-ON shimmer, so I added Revlon Diamon Lust e/s on top of the pink and BAM!!  There was pink glitter and glitz!  It is deff one of my "go-to" palettes.  For bronzer I used this Physicians Formula bronzer/blush duo.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE all these "Happy Booster" powders b/c anything with hearts I am a sucker for and the smell of them all are such a pleasant smell to me.  I didn't use the blush side of this powder today - strictly bronzer.  My blush I used Hard Candy's Fox-in-a-box in Sweet and Spicy.  This is such a CA-UUTE blush!!  I love it :)) 

I used for the inner corner of my eyes L'Oreal Infallible in Iced Latte (thanks to a helpful tip from my friend Jenn ;)) I also use 2 mascaras b/c I find using 2, for me, helps make my lashes BIG!  I LOVE Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes!!  The little brush gets all your lashes, and then of course, there's Maybelline Falsies mascara.  The eyeshadow palette that I have I purchased from PacSun and I am not familiar with the brand.  I just absolutely ADORED the heart shaped pots it had!!  I love anything with hearts so I snatched this palette right up!  The shadows are all pretty pigmented, believe it or not.  I was surprised...BUT they are all shimmery shadows.  I am not picky on shimmery, not shimmery but I thought the colors were gorgeous!

Today's FOTD


Until next time my Loves and remember Every day is a reason to sparkle and shinee!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wet N Wild ColorIcon Bronzers

I went yesterday to my local Walgreens and found 2 of the ColorIcon bronzers from Wet N Wild.  Many of you are familiar with these already, I'm sure, however I am new to them.  I found 3 bronzers but only purchased 2 of them.  Reserve Your Cabana and Ticket to Brazil were the 2 I purchased.  They are GORGEOUS, and I will admit...I am a sucker for bronzers.  These both have SPF 15 in them, which brings my first question of "why have SPF in bronzer??" but the wise-ones at Wet N Wild DO know what they're doing!

When I swatched the two they felt a little grainy to me.  Not to the point to where it would be bothersome to me, but it was noticeable.  I have heard through the grapevine that Reserve Your Cabana is an exact dupe from a previous WnW bronzer, Acapulco Glow.  I did not grab this item back in the day when it was released, however this is the "word on the streets" LOL!

Ticket to Brazil is DEFF a questions, no doubts!  Reserve Your Cabana would most likely be used as highlight on the cheekbones, above eyebrows and where ever you use highlighter.  They are BOTH gorgeous and worth every penny of the $3.99 price tag!  Not a bad deal, if you ask me and if you have these or any other WnW bronzers, I'd love to know your thoughts?

Ticket to Brazil

Reserve Your Cabana (Acapulco Glow dupe)

Reserve Your Cabana (Acapulco Glow dupe)

Ticket to Brazil

Swatches of both:  L is Ticket to Brazil (notice there IS shimmer) R is Reserve Your Cabana

Ingredients - FYI

Until next time, take care!!



Welcome to the Bee Hive!

Welcome to my Blog!  This is SUPER exciting for me as I LOVE Beauty and Fashion and then to also be able to do some creative writing about it all is just...well...lets just say I'm STOKED!  HA!  I have SO many things waiting for me to comment about and I have one with me currently that I will just go a head and jump right into.  Keep an eye out for my post on the Wet N Wild ColorIcon Bronzers, which will include swatches.  Thank you SO much to you, my supporters, and I look forward to providing you with some fun and exciting facts!