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Friday, June 29, 2012

ACOTD for 06/27/12

FORGIVE ME, again as I did not post this yesterday - the day I wore this look!  But it was all about YELLOW, and NEON YELLOW to boot!  Some colors I have more bracelets to stack, like I have a TON of yellow, obvi :)) 

Take a look see...

Right arm

Left arm

Right arm:  yellow bracelet w/gold studs from; watch from a gift shop by the beach; yellow "pyramid" bracelet from Forever21; jellys from Aeropostale; yellow bangle came in a set from Forever21

Left arm:  Bow bracelet from Forever21; Hello Kitty bracelet from Sanrio store; rope bracelet from Target

I hope ya'll enjoyed!!

Until next time...Take Care!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


So, I had to make one of my usual weekly grocery store runs, and CVS happens to be 2 doors down from my neighborhood Publix.  As Kayla and I are walking up I tell her I'd like to run into the drugstore to see what new items they have...surprisingly she didn't seem to mind too much (sometimes I get a small unhappy reaction out of her - at 3, you never know what yer gonna get!)

Anywho, I did come across some new displays but also some I HAD seen before, however have not shared with you, my Lovely readers :))

I apologize in advance for some of the pictures being a little blurred...I was a little hurried given I had my daughter with me and there was A LOT to photograph!  I didn't want Kayla's patience to be running out the door ahead of us! 








Physician's Formula - Bronzer/Blush duos

Physician's Formula

Physician's Formula

Some of these displays you may or may not have seen yet - I know some I have seen but a choice few I have not (Garnier display), so these are completely new to me.  I have been rather intrigued by the Garnier face care products however have not purchased anything yet. 

The Physician's Formula bronzer/blush duo I do have at home and have used several times.  I LOVE any and all of their face powders - have not failed me yet.  Plus anything with hearts on it or IN it, I'm SOLD automatically!!  These powders with the hearts are what they call their "Happy Booster" powders and they smell so good to me!

Are any of these items ones you may have tried yet?  Do any seem appealing to you?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yesterday's ARMCANDY - NEON P!NK

Welcome back Lovelies - I wanted to share a quick Armcandy OTD from yesterday - I meant to do this yesterday, however some dramz that took place kind of overshadowed my plans...I apologize for allowing nonsense take over what REALLY matters!!...FASHION?!?!  WHAT was I thinking??  Idk, anywho, back to topic at hand...

This look was all about NEON and NEON P!NK!!  I absolutely love it all and included my favorite take-along pet - Mizz Hello Kitty, herself.  I did get these bracelets to share with my daughter but I do not trust, nor allow her to take these items to school yet.  So, some fashion statements she'll have to just sport when she's at home with me!

I will include a picture below...

ACOTD 6/26/12

The pink/neon yellow bracelet is from Target; the neon pink bracelet with the gold studs on it is from Aeropostale; the pink toggle bracelet is Juicy Couture and this I ordered from Zappos; the Hello Kitty bracelet I got when we went to Sanrio at International Mall in Tampa (FL); the jellys are again, from Aeropostale; the neon pink and gold bangle I got as a set of 3 from Forever 21.

I hope you guys enjoyed today's look!  I did :))

Until next time, Take Care!

Friday, June 22, 2012


Ahh, I just LOVEE saying things like "armswag" LOL anywho, I am back with another arm candy of the day.  Today I decided I wanted to wear my new studded wrap bracelet.  I actually LOVE IT!  I purchased this item from - this website has all kinds of jewelry, all fun and cutee; all at reasonable prices!!  I got several pieces from this website, and the studded wrap bracelet was one of them.  PLEASE NOTE:  the only thing with purchasing from this website is it came from CHINA, so it took a lil bit to receive the package.

The 2 heart bracelets, one Gold toned the other Rose Gold toned, and the bowtie bracelet are all from JewelMint.

And then my Lionhead bracelet is from Ann Klein, I purchased from Macy's. 

A little about JEWELMINT:  JewelMint is a website you subscribe to; you fill out a personality quiz and they (the people at JewelMint) decide which pieces they feel fit your personality.  Each month you pick a piece from your Showroom for a price of $29.00.  You can opt out if you do not see anything you like, but you have up until the 5th of each month to do so, if you choose to opt out.  You can purchase anytime really, however it is a Monthly subscription to jewelry, basically!  And I have found it is a flat fee of $29.00.

Thanks for following me each day through my fashion and beauty adventures!!

Love you all!

Until next time, take care...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

NEW L'Oreal and Maybelline Product Displays

I went out on my lunch break today and did a little investigating.  I let the journalist/photographer/reporter in me come out and have a little fun.  Below I have for you some new products that I found in my local Walgreens - there is A LOT to go over here!!  These items are from L'Oreal and Maybelline and it seems to be a lot of interesting items - at least interesting to the makeup "whore" in me!!  Sorry, but SO true! 

Feast your eyes on the new makeup items I place before you - FYI I have NOT seen these items anywhere else as of today.  However I have read elsewhere that these are new items for summer and should hopefully be popping up in more of your retail chains.

First things first:  L'Oreal items...please notice they have 2 BB creams to choose between...

Now for the Maybelline items...

You'll notice they have lipsticks, which I thought was an odd choice of shades for summer?  Plums??  And the eyeshadow palettes were definitely gorgeous just nothing that really stood out to me and in my mind I'm thinking "I HAVE TO HAVE THAT!!"

With that said, all items still fabulous, please don't get me wrong.

I hope this sparkes your interest as much as it does mine!! decide WHICH BB cream to try...I'm a sucker for Maybelline's products, but this is getting to be TOO HARD!!

Thanks Lovlies and until next time, Take Care!!

Today's OOTD, LOTD, EOTD - Wheww!!

Welcome back Lovelies!  Today I am going to share with you the look Imma "rockin"...with this weather we've got goin down here in FL, I felt the need to wear my boots.  Rain, rain, oh!  And some more rain!  Back to my boots - I LOVEEEE them, and those who know me, know I love my boots!!  (my daughter rocks 'em too!  Her own version, of course)

Anyway, PLUS you'll notice I've got the green thang going again - now, this is NOT on purpose as green isn't one of my favy colors but it's just something I've been leaning towards the last couple days.  Today was actually an accidental find.  I need to do laundry and am running out of if that's possible!

And PUH-LEASE don't mind the hair do, I just had it trimmed but feel it was left too long on my crown, so luckily I've got an appt this Saturday to get that fixed!! 

Makeup today is another green look - I used my Maybelline EYESTUDIO shadow palette in Forest Fury - I love how shimmery the colors are in this palette!  I purchased this from CVS or Walgreens back around St. Patty's Day, and I believe you can still find it, if you wish.

On the lips is my MAC Lipglass Lady Gaga Viva Glam 2, which I just place over concealer on my lips.  I love this shade - it's a perfect neutral - more on the brownish side with some shimmer, but you want to keep your lips neutral when doing such a bold eye.  It's a nice balance.  Now, don't get me wrong!  I sometimes play up both my eyes and the lips - depends on my mood, plus the look I'm going for :)) 

I will include photos as well...



Maybelline EYESTUDIO eyeshadow

Maybelline EYESTUDIO eyeshadow packaging

MAC Lady Gaga Lipglass

MAC Lady Gaga Viva Glam 2 Lipglass

Until next time, Take Care and remember EveryDay is a reason to Sparklee and *shinee*

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

EOTD Green winged liner using SHADOW

Hello my Lovlies!!  Welcome I was feeling rather green, but in a good way!!  I have done this look another time using another color and I loved the way it turned out.  Rather than having SO much color on the lid, this is a taste of the color.  I used just a neutral base all over the lid all the way to my brow-bone.

I used a small, firm angled brush to place the color OVER the liquid liner I had already placed.  I always "wing" out my liner b/c I personally love the look.  For my lower lash-line I put brown pencil liner in my waterline and then placed the green eyeshadow right at my where my lashes start.  I feel the closer you place the shadow when doing this look, the cleaner it seems?  That's my opinion...

I will include pictures down below along with listings of the products I used!

In natural lighting...

In florescent lighting...

FOTD in natural lighting...LOVING THE BOW!!

*The eyeshadow I used all over the lid was WetNWild the light beige color from the VANITY palette. 
*The liquid liner is my ELF brown liner (which I LOVE). 
*The green eyeshadow I used to line my eyes is the green shadow in the WetNWild I LOVE MATTEs palette.
*The brown pencil liner I used in my waterline is my NYX slide-on, glide-on pencil in Brown
*Mascaras I used were Maybelline's Great Lash Lots of Lashes and the new PLUSH mascara

I absolutely LOVE all of these products and they are all inexpensive and can be picked up at your nearest drugstores or Ulta.

Hope you enjoyed!!  Until next time, take care and *shinee* on...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Today's Arm Candy

I have a confession...I am OBSESSED with bracelets and watches and the more you can stack 'em, the more I like 'em!!  I am currently in love with the huge neon trend that has swept our nation...God Bless America!!  Today's look is more fun-loving than business-friendly, as alot of my looks can be...well, sort of ;)).  I will go over where I found the pieces I am sporting today;

Today I am working the green and neon look.  I am ALWAYS eyeballing the stores for anything neon and waiting to see what else I can add to my ever-growing collection. 

The green beaded bracelets are from Forever 21 - I ordered these online a lil while ago
The Hello Kitty bracelet I got from the Sanrio store last month or so when my husband, daughter and I took a mini trip to International Mall in Tampa, FL.  Sadly that's the closest Sanrio store to me :((
The Geneva watch I purchased a couple years ago from a little jewelry shop out by the beach.
The Jelly bracelets I actually got several colors in the pack, but they were purchased online at

Me LOVES my armcandy!!
Until next time...Take care and *shinee* on :))

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale

Starts 6/12/12

Photos courtesy VS

STARTS TODAY In-Stores!!  Such an exciting time of year!!  Go and have fun shopping Ladies :)) and buy yourselves something that'll make you feel SASS-AYYYY!!

Items (including SWIM) up to 40% off - Beauty items up to 50% off - P!NK Sale & Clearance up to 50% off!

Until next time...Take care!

Friday, June 1, 2012

DollchicBoutique collab with LifeOfABarbie

Hey Lovelies!  Welcome back to my blog – I do have another HUGE announcement!  This is SUPER exciting for me as this involves 2 of my absolute FAVY people I follow on Twitter; DollchicBoutique and LifeOfABarbie.  DollchicBoutique is based in California and has a FABULOUS selection of items – clothes, jewelry, shoes, handbags, etc.  This collaboration with LifeOfABarbie only makes them and their inventory even more amazing!  They are ALL the sweetest, most wonderful people I have come to know, and consider them a part of my extended (Twitter) Family!  (I know, I know, I'm gushing :)), but I can't help it!)

Now let’s show our love and support for DollchicBoutique and LifeOfABarbie and purchase some fun merchandise!  I will include their link below as well as some of my favorite pieces:

Barbie is my idol rhinestone hoodie
image courtesy

image courtesy

image courtesy

image courtesy
image courtesy

Above is the link you can go to and choose the Tab #LifeOfABarbie and that will take you to shop all the Barbie merchandise.  I only showed you a FEW of their FABB items - I hope you take the time to check them out!  And if you're on Twitter, follow them!  @DCBoutique1 and @LifeOfABarbie - TEAM BARBIE!

Love them both and Love you all!  Happy Shopping :))

Until next time, Take care!