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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wet N Wild FOTD 07-31-13

Hello Beauties!!  Welcome back for, yet again, another FOTD.  Today is featuring one of my ALL. TIME. FAVORITE brands EVERRRR Wet N Wild!!  Where shall I start with their products??  I mean, quality, pigmentation, opaqueness, price...the list of benefits goes on AND ON!!  They have one of THEE best drugstore brand beauty lines available! 

Today I wanted to wear a lighter face, however wanted something on the face!  I didn't want to go too crazy with colors, etc., so I kept it simple and chose my Wet N Wild 6 pan palette in Greed - I just used the 2 peachy colors in my crease.  That's it!  I used the matte peach shade and blended that in my crease, and topped that off with the shimmery peach just to add a little pizzazz...I mean, my handle IS TheeGlitterBee, for goodness sakes!!  Gotta have some sort of shimmer in there somewhere :))

For the cheeks I used my Wet N Wild ColorIcon blush in Pearlescent Pink - and I just love this shade.  It could very well be a dupe for Nars Deep Throat blush - but that's all MY opinion.  I think (in price order) it goes: Nars Deep Throat/NYX Cosmetics Pinched/Wet N Wild Pearlescent Pink - those 3 are all very similar in color, however vary, greatly, in price!!  So, in case you're interested, there you go!

On my lips I am wearing Wet N Wild Fergie Daily lipstick with Revlon Snow Pink gloss (possible DUPE for MAC Florabundance??) overtop.  I'm in love with this combo!! 

All of these items can be found at your local Walgreens, KMart, Wal-Mart, CVS and even some Target locations!  The ColorIcon blush retails for $2.99; The ColorIcon 6 pan palette retails for $6.99.  Both TOTALLY worth buying, and if you haven't looked into WNW products, you definitely should; you can't beat the price and the quality of all the products!  You'll thank me later ;))

Thanks for stopping by and remember to leave a trail of glitter ;))

Alicia aka TheeGlitterBee

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Today's FOTD details 07-30-13

Hello Beauties!  Welcome back, I hope y'all are having a wonderful Tuesday!!  I just wanted to share, quickly, with you my FOTD and the products used.  I decided since it is July...IN Florida...and it's just TOO STINKIN HOT outside, that I'd break out my Garnier BB Combination/Oily cream in Light/Medium, just to give my skin a break from the heavy foundations, and see how I like it!?

So far, so good!  It definitely doesn't feel heavy on the face, and it certainly has the LOOK of a foundation - where it evens out the skin, gives you coverage (altho "light" coverage) - but, I don't feel as if I'm melting away when I step outside with this on my face.  I did follow through with my usual concealer routine, just b/c I'm not in my 20's NO-MO and I need that extra lil bit of coverage ;))

I also used my brand new bronzer, it's by Tarte Cosmetics, and it's the Hotel Heiress bronzer - there is a shimmer to it, but I LOVE that, whereas some people prefer a matte bronzer.  I doubled the duty of this beauty - I also used it on my eyes as my eyeshadow!

FYI - I borrowed this look from Stephanie aka SMLx0 and will include her link so you can see her for yourself!!  Btw - she's GORGEOUS!!  She's a mix of Megan Fox and Adriana Lima...

SMLx0 Summer Makeup Routine -

Thanks for stopping by and remember to leave a trail of glitter ;))

Alicia aka TheeGlitterBee

Monday, July 29, 2013

NEW items listed on my Etsy store!

Hello Beauties!! We are in another Monday crunch, and I'm back to share with you a few new items that have been listed to my Etsy store - this adorable travel tumbler above, with the ever popular Hello Kitty fashion print is currently available!  I just love this tumbler, but then again, I'm a Hello Kitty fan at heart, so I'm ALLABOUTIT!!

SIDE NOTE - when you purchase a Hello Kitty tumbler, you will receive a FREE gift with purchase!

Another new item is this mustache print!!  How stinking cute is this?!  I know the mustache phenom has been all over the place, and when I saw this print, I KNEW I had to make something with it!!  I'm so glad I did because I just love the way it turned out :))

PLEASE NOTE:  All tumblers are BPA FREE and made to order - so when your order is place each item is created uniquely for you and handled with the upmost love and care!

I do hope you'll take a minute to stop by and do a little "window shopping" at my store!! :))

Esty store:

Happy Monday everyone!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

T-G-I-F FOTD featuring NYX Cosmetics and Rimmel

Hello again, my Beautiful Friends :))  I wanted to share today's FOTD, MOTD, LOTD details with you, and allowing a closer look into the specifics!

Today I used my NYX Butt Naked Palette, which I absolutely love!  The eyeshadows are very creamy, and pigmented and fantastic if you 're wanting to do a neutral eye.  Plus the price on this isn't too shaby either.  It does come with some lip glosses, and bronzer and blush; that was in a little "drawer" this palette has, but since I didn't use that portion, I didn't show you those items.  (sorry)

I will include the link for the palette for you who are interested however have not snagged this baby up yet!  It retails for $24.99, but you get good sized eyeshadows, plus bronzer, plus blush, hightlight, and on and on!!  Seriously, this baby is TOTALLY worth buying!!  I find myself gravitating to this when I want to wear an easy, neutral eye.

ULTA link for NYX Butt Naked palette:

My lippie for the day is a new goodie I found at Walgreens in a new display Rimmel had out for their Moisture Renew line; this is one of 2 I picked up, and this sucker is the BOMB.COM!! This color is a pinky-red, which I love; and pigmented??  Well, HELLOO...and when I blotted to drink and eat it became a stain on my lips, and was matte.  It's a very unique formula; to me it's a very creamy matte.  And from my other Rimmel lippies, this tends to be the trend for them, no??  I'm not sure if this color is LE or if it will eventually make it's way to their permanent line, but if you're like me and you LOVE a good red lippie, then grab this baby UP!! 

I hope you enjoyed all the glorious details from today's FOTD as I am excited to share with my fellow Beauty Lovaahs!! ;))

Thanks for stopping by and remember to leave a trail of glitter ;))

Alicia aka TheeGlitterBee

NEW Item posted on my store! Pink, Glittery FUN!!

Hello Beauties!  I wanted to show you all the latest item to be posted on my online Etsy shop!  This was made as a gift, HOWEVER, can be made specifically for YOU! :)) 

I think it's just the most fabulous thing I've ever seen!  But...I'm partial to anything pink!  The picture doesn't even do this beauty justice because the "show" it gives when you have it in the light is just, uhh...breathtaking!  Ok, too much??  I am a little biased of my own creations, however, so can you blame me??  LOL

But PUH-LEASE stop by my store to take a look-see and who knows what glittery goodness you might fall in love with??

I love you all and appreciate your support SO SO much!!  And every order that comes through, I get a tinge of excitement that just takes over me, because I am sharing my creativity with you all through another means, besides makeup and fashion!  When you order from me, you own your own piece of TheeGlitterBee!! :))  And THAT makes, my heart happy!!

Attached is the link to my store:

Thanks for stopping by and remember to leave a trail of glitter ;))

Alicia aka TheeGlitterBee

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Etsy store is OPEN!!

Hello Beauties!!  I am SUPER excited to announce to y'all that my Etsy store is open for business!!  I have 5 items listed so far, and I have more I plan to add later.  I cannot explain how exciting this is for me as I have been working on ALL this for about a month now.  I did not realize the time it took to get everything up and running, and certainly wasn't expecting my little business to take off like it has!  Thank you Jesus!!

I am so happy beyond words to be sharing this fantastic news with you so you may purchase online at any time, rather than going through me directly.  I know some people prefer to just jump online, and press "buy now" than to have to go through any person, especially if they may not know them very well or be familiar with them. 

I will also take requests directly, if you wish to go that route - that is not a problem whatsoever!  I can take custom requests, along with a request to purchase an item listed on my store OR from a picture I have posted on one of my social media networks.

The link for my Etsy store is:

I hope that you'll take a minute to go take a look, and possibly order a tumbler you've had your eye on?!

Thanks for stopping by and remember to leave a trail of glitter ;))

Alicia aka TheeGlitterBee

NEW VIDEO posted on my YouTube channel - Yesterday's FOTD

Good morning Beauties!!  I have posted a quick little video from yesterday's MOTD featuring the ELF Beach Beauty palette :))  You'll have to forgive me for the quality, but I was SO excited to share this great find with you and figured some information is better than NO information, riiiiight??

So, when/if you get a chance take a look at my quickie little video - just a few minutes out of your day to find out how I went about getting the gorgeous blue look I was rockin yesterday! PLUS my daughter, Kayla makes a wittle appearance at the end ;))

Thanks for stopping by and remember to leave a trail of glitter ;))

Alicia aka TheeGlitterBee

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

FOTD 7/24/13 Using E.L.F. Beach Beauty palette

Hello Beauties!  Welcome back, and thank you for stopping by my blog to keep up with me as I share with you today's look featuring the mini E.L.F. Beach Beauty palette!  I found this little beauty a couple months ago, actually, at Target and the price tag was a whole $6.00 - best $6 spent!

The price tag is one of the phenomenal points to be made about this palette, not to mention the beautiful watercolors available!!  I mean, do you SEE the colors??  I have been dying to use a blue - cobalt blue - just a BOLD blue on my lids, and the dark blue was what drew me to this palette.  Of course the other colors are gorgeous, but that blue...*sigh*...

Any who, I used this palette for my eyes, my bronzer, AND my blush!!  The coral blush is what I used on my cheeks, and the matte bronzer (next to the coral blush) is what I used to contour.  I didn't use a highlight b/c the blush had PLENTY of shimmer in it, so it saved me a step! ;)) 

I wanted to do a whole look using this palette - minus the lipglosses - I don't usually use glosses in palettes like this.  I dunno, I'm weird like that.  I have to get out my own lipbrush, which I don't use very often, so I forget where it is, blah, blah, blah...haha so minus the lips, the look is all based out of this pretty little palette!

If you can still find this beauty, I suggest you run and grab it!  It is TOTALLY worth the buy, and p-e-r-f-e-c-t for girls of all ages, so for you Momma's out there, you can get this for your daughters :))  I will also attach the link below to purchase of the E.L.F. website - there are 2 shade variations you can get so for you Ladies who would like a more subdued look, there is one for you too!!

E.L.F. Beach Beauty palette -

Thanks for stopping by :))

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Alicia aka TheeGlitterBee

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy Tuesday FOTD

Hello Beauties!  Happy Tuesday to you - I thought I'd post a little beauty talk today, sharing with you some of my FAVORITES :))
I broke out this quad from Maybelline (Purple Icon) that I purchased after watching Liz (iheartmakeup92); she mentioned this eyeshadow in one of her drugstore videos and I absolutely LOVE it!  I also used my L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Liquid Diamond, which I used on my lid.  I don't know about y'all but these L'Oreal shadows are BOMB.COM!!  They shimmer and shine like nothing else, and if you don't have any - you NEED to go get you some!! 
I topped off my eyes by using my latest mascara picks for my mascara routine - one of my very close girlfriends introduced me to this Rimmel mascara after we were out celebrating her fiance's birthday and her eyelashes were like HELLOOOO!!  Since that night, I have been scouring this town looking for this mascara, with no luck.  I wound up stopping by CVS b/c I left the house one morning, in a hustle (as all my mornings tend to be), and realized I forgot to apply my mascara!  The mascara Gods were looking upon me that morning and saw my desperation, low and behold, I found this mascara, and dare I tell you - this has become my Holy Grail mascara!!  It is THE best thing I have come across - the only complaint I have, and it's barely worth mentioning, is that the formula is very "wet" so you have to be a little more careful applying, otherwise, it makes your lashes look phenomenal :)) You will thank me later ;)) LOL
One the lips I applied my Milani Nude Crème lipstick and NYX Cosmetics Tiramisu buttergloss overtop.  Both smell fantastic, and both have extreme color payoff so they could be worn alone and look great!
I hope you enjoyed today's FOTD, and thanks for stopping by!
Remember to leave a trail of glitter ;))
Alicia aka TheeGlitterBee

Monday, July 22, 2013

New Business a boomin! - Custom Tumblers

Hello Beauties!!  Happy Monday to you all, I hope you had a glorious weekend!  Mine was busy and fun, and got some work done, which is what I wanted to make sure I got to.  Speaking of, this "work" is what I am bringing to your attention in today's post - I am introducing to you my business of creating custom tumblers under TheeGlitterBee name :))  These are glittery, pretty and fun, and I am loving everything about making them!  I am extending my love of ALL THINGS GLITTER to all of you to enjoy!!  I also have tumblers that are not glittery, however are extremely fun!

I am in the process of setting up my online store, which is taking longer than I anticipated HOWEVER, you can currently order these tumblers from me, or ANY request you may have, I will do my best to deliver!  If you wish to order a tumbler (or 2, or 3, etc...) you may email me at and I will correspond with you immediately upon receiving your requests.  Once my online store is 100% I will post the information on my blog, but also announce it on all my social media outlets.

There are 2 different style tumblers I offer to you - one, which I refer to as the travel tumber.  The cost of this tumbler is $15.00.  The other is a tumbler that comes with a lid and straw - the cost of this tumbler is $20.  BOTH of these tumblers can be used for cold and/or hot beverages.  And some of you may not have known that you can provide your own cup when you go to Starbucks!?  They use your personal tumblers as well, so if there is a style you have your eye on, PLEASE email me ASAP so we can get your glitter creation to you and you can start enjoying your coffee, tea, frapps, etc. in STYLE!! ;))

Orders ship out every Friday, and I provide for you a tracking number, which you can follow on Orders are received within 2-3 days of shipment, so you receive your order within a weeks time.  Shipping cost is an additional $12.95; No tax is currently charged; and each order contains an extra little gift for all my fellow Glitter Bee's :))

If you follow me on Instagram (TheeGlitterBee), Twitter (TheeGlitterBee) and/or Facebook (TheeGlitterBee) you will see that I have been posting pictures and information on these tumblers for several weeks now.  I am beyond ecstatic at the response they have gotten and am excited to see what the future holds for me and my creations!

Thank you SO much for stopping by - I hope you have a fabulous Monday!

Remember to leave a trail of glitter ;))

-Alicia aka TheeGlitterBee

Friday, July 19, 2013

DUPE ALERT!! L'Oreal I Pink You're Cute and MAC Viva Glam Nicki

Bottom right pic - swatches - Top/Left, L'Oreal I Pink You're Cute - Bottom/Right, MAC Viva Glam Nicki
 Hello Beauties!!  I am UBER excited to share this dupe with you, and in case you didn't know, this is an EXACT dupe for MAC Viva Glam Nicki lippie :))

The color is basically the exact same - so much so, I consider them twinnies!!  There is a difference, however in the texture and wear of these lipsticks.  L'Oreal I Pink Your Cute has a glossy finish to it, whereas MAC Nicki is a matte finish.  Nicki is also a smidge more opaque than I Pink You're Cute.

When I wear Nicki, I will apply a little lip balm before applying the lipstick just so there is some sort of softness to my lips.  I don't feel MAC matte lipsticks are extremely drying, but a matte's a matte - it's dry!  I'm a lipstick and lipgloss duo kind of girl, so 9 times out of 10 I apply a coordinating gloss overtop of my lipsticks. 

This L'Oreal lipstick has been included in a new release campaign that is ALL ABOUT Pink!!  I have seen the displays in Walgreens, and I actually picked mine up at a Wal-Mart grocery center of all places??  It was included in the permanant display, so my guess is you'll be able to pick this baby up anywhere they sell L'Oreal beauty??  Don't quote me on that, but that's my guess.  All that being said, that's definitely a good thing b/c I just love this color and this lipstick!  FYI - L'Oreal Colour Riche lipsticks sell for $8.95.

You can still pick up Viva Glam Nicki from MAC, however I do not know how long it will be available for?  As all their celebrity collabs, they tend to be limited editions, but the time-frame available I am unsure?  FYI - MAC Viva Glam Nicki sells for $15.00 BUT 1 cent from each sale of this lipstick goes towards helping those with HIV and AIDS.  So there's is definitely a plus by purchasing this lipstick - not only are you treating yourself, but you're helping those in need :)) a WIN WIN!!

I JUST LOVE THESE, don't you??

Thanks for stopping by and remember to leave a trail of glitter ;))

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Neon P!nk

Hello Beauties!  It's Thursday, and I can just feel Friday!!  Tomorrow will be here before we know it *sigh*, any who, thanks for stopping back by to check out the details of today's look :))  I wasn't sure what I was going to do this morning when I was in the process of putting my face on buhhcuzz I woke up later than I wanted so I didn't have as much time to get all kinds of cray-cray with my eyes.  (That's what takes the longest to do)

When applying my face, I do my foundation, concealer and powder set before doing anything else.  So I'm at least THAT much done - make sense??  I wound up using my NYX Butt Naked palette for the eyes so I could work the bright pink on my lips!  I also used my MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipstick, when I was actually looking for my Wet N Wild Pinkerbell lippie, however could not find it :(( all in all, it worked out FABULOUSLY, because I haven't used my Nicki lippie in a while and I love the way this turned out.  For a gloss on top of the Nicki I use NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Golden Pink which wound up blending into the Nicki perfectly!  Since Nicki has a yellow undertone, the golden shimmer in the NYX gloss matched well ;))

My pink top is actually from VS Pink from last year, I believe and once again - repeat offenders - my sandals from Target!  They hurt my feet when I first wore them, but I had to break them in.  So once I did, they're UBER comfy!!  My black capris are from Express and I got them Y-E-A-R-S ago.  I will tell you, my pants or bottoms like these (for work, in other words), last me forever!  I can't tell you the last time I invested in dress pants/slacks?  And Express is the first place I would recommend for career wear when it comes to dress pants.  They last F-O-R-E-V-E-R - so the price tag is totally worth it if you're going to be able to wear them for 5-10 years PLUS.  Just a heads up for those of you maybe looking to get some nice bottoms for work, or just for whenever :))

FYI - you can still purchase MAC Viva Glam Nicki on their website and I will include the link for you, in case you're interested and haven't scooped one up for yourself yet!  It's gorgeous and I just love it!  As I do ALL of my MAC lippies (they also have a chocolate scent to them!!)

MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipstick:

Thanks for stopping by and remember to leave a trail of glitter :))

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

LOTD 07-17-13 Happy Humpday ALSO my Husband's Birthday!!

Hello Beauties!  Welcome back for another post with details from today's look!  Today is my husband's birthday and one of his favorite colors is RED, so I broke out some fabulous red finds I have acquired and just love how everything turned out! 

The makeup today I am TOTALLY in love with!!  Another Target find from last night, I used my new Sonia Kashuk Eye on Glamour palette, which is FILLED with glittery goodness!!  All the shadows but 2 are glitter shadows.  Some pigmentation could be better, but the rest is great!  The $19.99 price tag might be a bit much, esp since some of the shadow quality isn't the greatest - so in case you're interested, you can check out this palette at your local Target stores.  The pro's outweigh the con's and I would suggest grabbing the palette if you love glitter as much as I do!

Another highlight of my look today is my red lippie, courtesy of the new Milani Cosmetics colorstatement lipstick (the one in the gold packaging) in 07 Best Red.  These lipsticks are ALL over the beauty community and constantly raved about.  I've lost count of how many I've collected, and they are TOTALLY worth picking up if you haven't done so yet!  This lippie is a matte red, which I didn't know it was matte when I put it on, however I'm fine with it.  I debated topping it off with a gloss but decided against it, and loved how classic the look turned out.  These lipsticks can be found all over the place: Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, Target...

The red sequin top, which is a tank, actually I purchased from Express last year, and it's one of those pieces I kind of forget about but then when I'm wearing it I'm like "WHY did I ever forget you??" it's fabulous b/c of the sequins and I just love the deep red color.

Now let me speak of this fantastic skater skirt I found at Target - anything leopard, I'm automatically drawn to it.  So all I saw was leopard print and I just, out of instinct, GRABBED IT!  My daughter was in the cart eating her popcorn and I said "what print is this??" and she answered "our favorite print; LEOPARD!"  Ha-ha, she's a fashionista in training, y'all!  This skirt was $19.99, and totally worth it!  It's the most comfortable skirt ever!  And I finished the look off with these black sandals that I've put on repeat for the past 2 months!  Wound up getting them in white too!  Another Target find ;))

Thank you guys for taking the time out with me today and I hope you guys are having a FABB day!

Remember to leave a trail of glitter ;))

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FOTD July 16, 2013

Happy Tuesday to all my fellow Beauties!  Welcome back to my blog, and this post specifically to discuss this little bitty palette I received with my Sedona Lace Midnight Lace brush set.  WHEW!!  Say all that 5 times fast!!  I absolutely loved this Lil Bit when I opened it and saw all the gorgeous colors! 

The palette was a special Sedona Lace was offering at the time I purchased the brushes - it was a free gift with a purchase, so there is no specific name to this palette.  HOWEVER, the shadows DO have names, which is unlike their usual form.  Their massive palettes do not have individual names for each shadow, in each palette.  The names in the palette is as follows:

Golden bronze shadow - Samurai
Pink shimmer shadow - Brazen
Blue shimmer shadow - Far-Out
Matte off-white shadow - Headliner

The first 3 shades are shimmer, and the last one is a matte shade, which I used to highlight my browbone. The hightlight I used in my tear duct was a white shade from the Milani Paint palette.  I applied my ELF primer, then NYX jumbo pencil in Milk on my lid, to start.  First applying Brazen, the pink shade, to 1/3 of my lid,then moving to Far-Out, the blue - before doing so, I applied this gorgeous NYX jumbo pencil in 622 Electric Blue to use as a base for Far-Out.  I applied Far-Out overtop the blue base, blending it in with Brazen, which created a gorgeous purple!  I then took Samurai and blended Brazen and Far-out and to add color into my crease.  Once that was blended to my liking, I applied Headliner on my browbone.

This palette also includes a mini synthetic tapered blending brush, which is a total SCORE!!

I will link the Sedona Lace website as well as the Midnight Lace brush set that I purchased below.  They are great brushes, and are raved about all over the beauty community for their quality and price!  Plus, not to mention how pretty the brushes are!  Double and TRIPLE score!!

Sedona Lace website:
Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set:

How many of you received this palette also?  What are your thoughts?  I'd love to see the looks that YOU came up with using this Lil Bit, as well!

Stay tuned for more posts using this palette!

Have a wonderful day Beauties :))

Remember to leave a trail of glitter ;))

Monday, July 15, 2013

FOTD for July 15, 2013

Hello my Beauties! WOW...has it been FOREVER and a day that I've posted, or WHAT??  Well, I am here, finally; happy to be back, and I want to offer my sincerest apologies for the lack of posts.  Life as a Mother, Wife, working full-time, and keeping up with all my usual daily chores is hard. to. do. to say the least - and for those of you out there who do it and can actually maintain it all, good for you!

I try to do it all and it's difficult, b/c I do need to find time for some beauty rest :))  Anywho, lets get into the look today, shall we??

I broke out my faaabulous BH Cosmetics Malibu palette for today's look, and I really like how well it turned out!  I've had this palette for a little while now, and actually purchased it after I saw a picture of a fellow beauty gal on Instagram.  I love the vibrant blues this palette offers, and as in usual BH Cosmetics fashion, the color payoff is phenominal!  You also get blush and bronzer in this palette, however since I did not use those, I didn't get a picture of those.  If you wish to see a pic, please let me know and I'll be happy to post a more "in depth" description and review of this palette.

ALL of the products and items listed on the BH Cosmetics website have resonable price tags - and you get bomb makeup!  So check them out!  I will list the website, and the item link for the Malibu palette so you can maybe purchase your own?? ;))

Malibu palette:

Thank you for stopping by! :))

Remember to leave a trail of glitter ;))