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Monday, January 20, 2014


Hello Beauties! Welcome back!  I am here today with a dupe for you to's a very unique color choice, but I love it!  I am mentioning NYX Matte lipstick in the shade Butter, which I feel is a dupe for MAC Divine Nite lipstick collection in the shade Exclusive Event.  Btw, some people think Butter is a dupe for MAC HoneyLove - YOU be the judge!!

Again, these are very unique shades and out of the ordinary, I feel, but I do love them both!  I didn't get my hands on the MAC lipstick, however keep checking in to see if it's in stock or not (NOT) and when I saw a video from MakeupByLeinaBaaaby featuring NYX, I HAD to locate this color!!  She showed swatches from the NYX Matte lipstick line and Butter was one of the shades...and I loved it!!  Btw, she's gorgeous so you should check her out!!

To describe the shade - it's a taupe brown, which looks darker in person than when you search it online.  In person it looks more like MAC Exclusive Event does looking at in online.  NYX Matte lipstick in Butter is, of course, a Matte finish - but I feel they're not drying like a usual MATTE.  I feel there is a bit of a sheen to them, which helps with dryness.  I, personally, do not mind a true matte lipstick, however if you don't truly care for them b/c of the dryness, the NYX Matte lipstick line would be a good option to try!  Color payoff is great and the price is great, as well!
Happy shopping!
Until next time, take care!
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Alicia aka TheeGlitterBee

Friday, January 17, 2014

FABULOUS FRIDAY!! Pink and Rose Gold armcandy.

Watch: Target (the brand is Xhilaration); Pearl bracelet: Target (sold as a 3 pack - each different sizes; Gold/Rose Gold triple bracelet stack; Target (I believe - this is old; have had it for a while); Rose gold chain link bracelet: Forever 21
Hello Beauties!  Welcome back, and HAPPY FRIDAY to you all!  I hope that you've had a fabulous week so far, as this one comes to an end.  Some will be enjoying a long weekend this weekend, with the MLK Holiday...I wanted to share the details of this arm stack that I shared on my social media earlier today. 
I put a preppy twist on this look by adding the pearl stranded bracelet, but I love the look!  I love the glittery pink face on this watch - which I found on an end-cap in Target, in the jewelry dept.  The brand of it is their Xhilaration line, in the pink and white box.  It does have additional links you may take out (or leave) for sizing purposes.
The pearl bracelet, as mentioned above) came as a 3 pack of pearl bracelets and each one was sized bigger than the others - meaning, the size of the pearls got bigger with each bracelet.  Which I LOVE, because you can mix match each one with different looks, or wear them all together!  I have done both ;))
The Gold/Rose Gold triple bracelet stack is a piece I've had for quite some time now and I honestly cannot recall where I got it from - I'm sorry :(( BUT if you can find something similar, grab it!!  Because it is so versatile and goes perfectly when wearing Rose Gold!  It has both Gold and Rose Gold shades in each bracelet then with the details of the charm binding them together, I just love it!
The last piece, the Rose Gold chain link bracelet is from Forever21 and this I found in the store.  I tried to find it online and they didn't have it - I was on a mission after watching ciaoobelllaxo's videos, she was wearing it and I was like, OMG, I HAVE to have it!!  So, luckily I found it in the store after searching online, with no luck, and I was ecstatic!!  It's heavy and sturdy, compared to the other pieces in this look.
I hope you enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for more to read!
Until next time, remember to leave a trail of glitter ;))
Take care,
Alicia aka TheeGlitterBee

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fun with Fashion!

Scarf: Cotton On; White sequin Tee: Old Navy (old)

Watch: Amazon; Matte Black link bracelet: Forever21
Gold Pave bracelet: Target
Hey Beauties!  I'm back sharing all the details from this look I wore the other day, and the pics above I posted on my Instagram (TheeGlitterBee), and also shared on my Twitter and FB page!  Btw, if you're not following me yet, make sure you check me out and FOLLOW!!
Anywho, I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with gold right now, and I just adore black and gold together.  I feel it is so polished and sophisticated, but also extremely trendy and makes a HUGE fashion statement, all while remaining low-key ;))
The scarf listed in the first pic shown here is from Cotton On.  I do not see it on their website for me to share with you, however I did find it in their stores, AAAND it was only $5!?!  It's the perfect length, so you can wear it so many different ways!  I feel the shorter the scarf, the less you can do with it and I generally prefer the longer scarves - more versatile in styling and wearable!  The scarf is extremely soft and has minimal "fringe" which keeps it a clean look, however what is there adds to the boldness of the print.
Of course, I'm drawn to ANYTHING leopard print so when I saw this, it was a MUST HAVE in my scarf collection!  Make sure you check out Cotton On, if you have one local to you!
Now, on to the jewels of the day:  these items are all still showing available AND you can find them on each website!  The watch itself was only $7 and it has a soft, silicone feel band, which I know some don't like.  I, personally do not mind it, and absolutely LOVE it!!  The bracelet I HAD to have when I saw it, and I actually found mine in-store.  The matte black mixed with the shine of the gold is PERFECTION!!  Again, only $5, Ladies :))  This gold pave bracelet is an exact replica for the one from J. Crew but this one from Target is only $19.99 compared to $125!?  For a Fashionista on a budget (in reality, who isn't??) this is a STEAL!
I am probably a bracelet hoarder, but I just can't help myself when it comes to fantastic pieces that can take the most simple of outfits and make it Fabulous!
I hope you enjoyed my sharing of the wealth, so to speak, and keep checking in for more fabulousness!
Until next time, remember to leave a trail of glitter ;))

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Current Wish List

I'm back with a little list of items that I am craving at the moment...I am OBSESSED with this phone case from Victoria's Secret!  It's neon pink with MIRRORED shades!?  Ummm...Hello0o??  Is it not the cutest??  You can get this little beauty for $19.50, which isn't bad for this cuteness ;))
Next item I want to mention is the newest chocolate sensation of the TooFaced Chocolate Bar palette.  I have the Chocolate Soleil bronzer from TooFaced and it smells SO. GOOD...words can't even describe the deliciousness of it!  I use it/wear it e-v-e-r-y-day and yes, I'm in love with it.  Obviously :))
I don't know about any of you but I am also lusting over anything camo!  It's so fabulous to see camo made into such a style statement lately, when it's always been a style staple for so many people I know.  However fashion houses have made it into a great print you need in your closet!  I love this tee from J. Crew, but it's a sad world we live in - it's sold out online :((
Diving back into the world of beauty, can I share how fantastic this foil eye shadow is??  It's Stila's Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in Vintage Black Gold - once again, going with my deep, deep love and appreciation for anything gold!!  These eyeshadows are so unique and gorgeous, you MUST grab one and just see what I'm talking about!
Last few items are accessories to be included in every Fashionista's collection - I am IN LOVE with these lip pendant necklaces from Betsey Johnson which I found at Macy's and even better news...THEY'RE ON SALE!!  I just adore Betsey Johnson's style and creativity - the fashions and collections she comes up with are my taste, to a T!! 
I never got my hands on any of the Phillip Lim for Target bags, but I do find them to be extremely gorgeous!  I wish I had looked harder at the time of their release, however I never saw them at my local Target.  I have seen them all over Instagram and read stories of ladies searching high and low for a bag and they were hard to come by.  I love the structure of the bags and the simplicity.  That along with the color choices make them a MUST have in your handbag collection!
I hope you enjoyed my Current "Wish" List (yes, have one even after the Holidays!  I always have a little "wish" list a-goin!)
Until next time, take care!
Remember to always leave a trail of glitter ;))