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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Today's FOTD details 07-30-13

Hello Beauties!  Welcome back, I hope y'all are having a wonderful Tuesday!!  I just wanted to share, quickly, with you my FOTD and the products used.  I decided since it is July...IN Florida...and it's just TOO STINKIN HOT outside, that I'd break out my Garnier BB Combination/Oily cream in Light/Medium, just to give my skin a break from the heavy foundations, and see how I like it!?

So far, so good!  It definitely doesn't feel heavy on the face, and it certainly has the LOOK of a foundation - where it evens out the skin, gives you coverage (altho "light" coverage) - but, I don't feel as if I'm melting away when I step outside with this on my face.  I did follow through with my usual concealer routine, just b/c I'm not in my 20's NO-MO and I need that extra lil bit of coverage ;))

I also used my brand new bronzer, it's by Tarte Cosmetics, and it's the Hotel Heiress bronzer - there is a shimmer to it, but I LOVE that, whereas some people prefer a matte bronzer.  I doubled the duty of this beauty - I also used it on my eyes as my eyeshadow!

FYI - I borrowed this look from Stephanie aka SMLx0 and will include her link so you can see her for yourself!!  Btw - she's GORGEOUS!!  She's a mix of Megan Fox and Adriana Lima...

SMLx0 Summer Makeup Routine -

Thanks for stopping by and remember to leave a trail of glitter ;))

Alicia aka TheeGlitterBee

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