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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Today's Arm Candy

I have a confession...I am OBSESSED with bracelets and watches and the more you can stack 'em, the more I like 'em!!  I am currently in love with the huge neon trend that has swept our nation...God Bless America!!  Today's look is more fun-loving than business-friendly, as alot of my looks can be...well, sort of ;)).  I will go over where I found the pieces I am sporting today;

Today I am working the green and neon look.  I am ALWAYS eyeballing the stores for anything neon and waiting to see what else I can add to my ever-growing collection. 

The green beaded bracelets are from Forever 21 - I ordered these online a lil while ago
The Hello Kitty bracelet I got from the Sanrio store last month or so when my husband, daughter and I took a mini trip to International Mall in Tampa, FL.  Sadly that's the closest Sanrio store to me :((
The Geneva watch I purchased a couple years ago from a little jewelry shop out by the beach.
The Jelly bracelets I actually got several colors in the pack, but they were purchased online at

Me LOVES my armcandy!!
Until next time...Take care and *shinee* on :))


  1. Love all of your arm candy pics!! I can never get away with wearing lots of bracelets...(one tops for me!)...K does it all the time, and I'm always jealous when I see her do it. Jealous of you, too, now!! So so cute!! :)

    1. haha awwww...Thankss so much! I love me some armcandy!! Lovee youu!!