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Thursday, June 28, 2012


So, I had to make one of my usual weekly grocery store runs, and CVS happens to be 2 doors down from my neighborhood Publix.  As Kayla and I are walking up I tell her I'd like to run into the drugstore to see what new items they have...surprisingly she didn't seem to mind too much (sometimes I get a small unhappy reaction out of her - at 3, you never know what yer gonna get!)

Anywho, I did come across some new displays but also some I HAD seen before, however have not shared with you, my Lovely readers :))

I apologize in advance for some of the pictures being a little blurred...I was a little hurried given I had my daughter with me and there was A LOT to photograph!  I didn't want Kayla's patience to be running out the door ahead of us! 








Physician's Formula - Bronzer/Blush duos

Physician's Formula

Physician's Formula

Some of these displays you may or may not have seen yet - I know some I have seen but a choice few I have not (Garnier display), so these are completely new to me.  I have been rather intrigued by the Garnier face care products however have not purchased anything yet. 

The Physician's Formula bronzer/blush duo I do have at home and have used several times.  I LOVE any and all of their face powders - have not failed me yet.  Plus anything with hearts on it or IN it, I'm SOLD automatically!!  These powders with the hearts are what they call their "Happy Booster" powders and they smell so good to me!

Are any of these items ones you may have tried yet?  Do any seem appealing to you?

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