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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday 5-22-12

So, as most all of you have seen NEON is everywhere!!  I am so in love with it, I can't even explain.  I have so many shirts, shorts, socks, jewelry and even undergarments that sport neon.  I don't care if it screams 80's or not and I ALSO don't care if it goes into "winter", I will still be sporting one of my absolute FAVY trends!  Luckily, living in Florida, we can get away with more than any other state, given it's summer-like all year around...with maybe a couple weeks of cooler weather thrown in the mix!  I am going to include some pics of me wearing my favorite trend and I would LOVE to hear what your favorite trend is of the moment!! 

And I include flowers in my hair, whenever I possibly can!  I love them - they're SOOOOO cutess!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this "mini" post, as I love sharing with you all!  Again, let me know what your favorite trend is for spring/summer - I can't wait to hear from you :))

Remember, every day is a reason to sparkle and *shinee*

Take care Lovelies!

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