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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cherry Culture Memorial Day Sale

Just a quick "heads up" - I had a moment where I felt like doing nothing (blahh) today while at work and wanted to visit my favorite sights.  One of them happens to be Cherry Culture ( and came across this FABULOUS news!!

So I HAD to share with my lovely followers :))  Behold the FABB news...

courtesy of

Unfortunately not as good of a deal as all NYX was 40% off not too long ago, which I TOTALLY miss out on :((

But this can be as good of a deal as you can possibly get, given EVERYTHING on the website is 20% off!!  Hey, discount will NEVER be a bad thing, no matter how much the percentage, OK??  I'll TAKE ITT!!

Happy shopping to my Lovelies and lemme know what you got!!  I wanna see!!

Take Care FABB peoples <3

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