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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wet N Wild ColorIcon Bronzers

I went yesterday to my local Walgreens and found 2 of the ColorIcon bronzers from Wet N Wild.  Many of you are familiar with these already, I'm sure, however I am new to them.  I found 3 bronzers but only purchased 2 of them.  Reserve Your Cabana and Ticket to Brazil were the 2 I purchased.  They are GORGEOUS, and I will admit...I am a sucker for bronzers.  These both have SPF 15 in them, which brings my first question of "why have SPF in bronzer??" but the wise-ones at Wet N Wild DO know what they're doing!

When I swatched the two they felt a little grainy to me.  Not to the point to where it would be bothersome to me, but it was noticeable.  I have heard through the grapevine that Reserve Your Cabana is an exact dupe from a previous WnW bronzer, Acapulco Glow.  I did not grab this item back in the day when it was released, however this is the "word on the streets" LOL!

Ticket to Brazil is DEFF a questions, no doubts!  Reserve Your Cabana would most likely be used as highlight on the cheekbones, above eyebrows and where ever you use highlighter.  They are BOTH gorgeous and worth every penny of the $3.99 price tag!  Not a bad deal, if you ask me and if you have these or any other WnW bronzers, I'd love to know your thoughts?

Ticket to Brazil

Reserve Your Cabana (Acapulco Glow dupe)

Reserve Your Cabana (Acapulco Glow dupe)

Ticket to Brazil

Swatches of both:  L is Ticket to Brazil (notice there IS shimmer) R is Reserve Your Cabana

Ingredients - FYI

Until next time, take care!!



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