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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fun with Fashion!

Scarf: Cotton On; White sequin Tee: Old Navy (old)

Watch: Amazon; Matte Black link bracelet: Forever21
Gold Pave bracelet: Target
Hey Beauties!  I'm back sharing all the details from this look I wore the other day, and the pics above I posted on my Instagram (TheeGlitterBee), and also shared on my Twitter and FB page!  Btw, if you're not following me yet, make sure you check me out and FOLLOW!!
Anywho, I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with gold right now, and I just adore black and gold together.  I feel it is so polished and sophisticated, but also extremely trendy and makes a HUGE fashion statement, all while remaining low-key ;))
The scarf listed in the first pic shown here is from Cotton On.  I do not see it on their website for me to share with you, however I did find it in their stores, AAAND it was only $5!?!  It's the perfect length, so you can wear it so many different ways!  I feel the shorter the scarf, the less you can do with it and I generally prefer the longer scarves - more versatile in styling and wearable!  The scarf is extremely soft and has minimal "fringe" which keeps it a clean look, however what is there adds to the boldness of the print.
Of course, I'm drawn to ANYTHING leopard print so when I saw this, it was a MUST HAVE in my scarf collection!  Make sure you check out Cotton On, if you have one local to you!
Now, on to the jewels of the day:  these items are all still showing available AND you can find them on each website!  The watch itself was only $7 and it has a soft, silicone feel band, which I know some don't like.  I, personally do not mind it, and absolutely LOVE it!!  The bracelet I HAD to have when I saw it, and I actually found mine in-store.  The matte black mixed with the shine of the gold is PERFECTION!!  Again, only $5, Ladies :))  This gold pave bracelet is an exact replica for the one from J. Crew but this one from Target is only $19.99 compared to $125!?  For a Fashionista on a budget (in reality, who isn't??) this is a STEAL!
I am probably a bracelet hoarder, but I just can't help myself when it comes to fantastic pieces that can take the most simple of outfits and make it Fabulous!
I hope you enjoyed my sharing of the wealth, so to speak, and keep checking in for more fabulousness!
Until next time, remember to leave a trail of glitter ;))

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