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Friday, January 17, 2014

FABULOUS FRIDAY!! Pink and Rose Gold armcandy.

Watch: Target (the brand is Xhilaration); Pearl bracelet: Target (sold as a 3 pack - each different sizes; Gold/Rose Gold triple bracelet stack; Target (I believe - this is old; have had it for a while); Rose gold chain link bracelet: Forever 21
Hello Beauties!  Welcome back, and HAPPY FRIDAY to you all!  I hope that you've had a fabulous week so far, as this one comes to an end.  Some will be enjoying a long weekend this weekend, with the MLK Holiday...I wanted to share the details of this arm stack that I shared on my social media earlier today. 
I put a preppy twist on this look by adding the pearl stranded bracelet, but I love the look!  I love the glittery pink face on this watch - which I found on an end-cap in Target, in the jewelry dept.  The brand of it is their Xhilaration line, in the pink and white box.  It does have additional links you may take out (or leave) for sizing purposes.
The pearl bracelet, as mentioned above) came as a 3 pack of pearl bracelets and each one was sized bigger than the others - meaning, the size of the pearls got bigger with each bracelet.  Which I LOVE, because you can mix match each one with different looks, or wear them all together!  I have done both ;))
The Gold/Rose Gold triple bracelet stack is a piece I've had for quite some time now and I honestly cannot recall where I got it from - I'm sorry :(( BUT if you can find something similar, grab it!!  Because it is so versatile and goes perfectly when wearing Rose Gold!  It has both Gold and Rose Gold shades in each bracelet then with the details of the charm binding them together, I just love it!
The last piece, the Rose Gold chain link bracelet is from Forever21 and this I found in the store.  I tried to find it online and they didn't have it - I was on a mission after watching ciaoobelllaxo's videos, she was wearing it and I was like, OMG, I HAVE to have it!!  So, luckily I found it in the store after searching online, with no luck, and I was ecstatic!!  It's heavy and sturdy, compared to the other pieces in this look.
I hope you enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for more to read!
Until next time, remember to leave a trail of glitter ;))
Take care,
Alicia aka TheeGlitterBee


  1. I love your arm candy posts on facebook and instagram. Always so cute! xo

  2. Thank you so much Girlie!! They're DEF some of my fave pics to post and mention!