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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

**NEW** Maybelline Baby Lips LIMITED EDITION Pinked!!! (PHOTO HEAVY)

Welcome back, Beauties!!  You'll have to excuse my excitement for this post in advance ;)) with that said, herrre we go!!!  And, THANK YOU to Maybelline for these adorable babies!?!
OhMyGosh!?! RUN, SPRINT, do whatever you have to to get yourself to your nearest Bed Bath and Beyond to grab these for yourself!!  That is where I found mine, and just so you know there are 5 in this collection and yes, they ARE limited edition and I'm beyond sure that they'll sell out fast!!

Below I will feature pics showing the product in their original packaging...

The price point on these were $3.40 each and if you can find them BOGO, which they were not at BB&B, then that's a SCORE for you!! ;))
Now I will include pics featuring the product with swatches of each color...

Shade: 110 - Pop of Pink (a bubblegum-pink)

Shade: 120 - Rose Rush (an orange-pink)

Shade:  115 - Mad for Magenta (a LIGHT bright pink)
Shade: 105 - Blush Burst (a light baby-pink)

Shade: 125 - Very Berry (a purple-pink)

The smell of these are amazing - they have a fun, fruity scent to them, which are similar to the original Baby Lips, however this set all have a pink-tone to them.  Of course, being that PINK is my favorite color, I was all over these. 
They are also very moisturizing, which is definitely a plus for me, since I have to have a balm on my lips at all times, this is a 2-fer - a 2 for 1 kind of deal - I get the moisturizer of a balm and the color of a lipstick/gloss!  WIN/WIN!!
I hope if your searching for these, you are able to find them and that you love them as much as I do!!

Happy Shopping!!

Remember to always leave a trail of glitter ;))

Until next time, take care!!

Alicia aka TheeGlitterBee

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  1. These have yet to hit my area, but I was alerted to them via instagram. I cannot wait! The "Mad for Magenta" Looks AMAZING! Thanks for the post!