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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

GlitterBee Feature: Freckle Fox Boutique

Welcome back Beauties! Today I am sharing information and some items from one of my FAVORITE online boutiques, Freckle Fox Boutique.  My girl, Shannon, aka Ms. Fox herself ;)) is one of the absolute sweetest Ladies I have come to know and the girl has got some fabulous glittery taste!!  Haha, really though...she does ;))

One of the items I purchased was one of the key chains - mine is the lips monogrammed key chain.  There are SO many other designs you can choose from to create your very own key chain, personalize it with your own monogram :))  I am becoming obsessed with monograms, and that's what this boutique specializes in:  GLITTERED monograms.  Did I say GLITTER, because Freckle Fox makes GLITTER monograms...ahhh, she had me at GLITTER and MONOGRAM!!  Haha ;))
Another item(s) I ordered was this zebra print set that comes with a zebra print sports bra, and a pair of zebra print running shorts, BOTH of which have the Freckle Fox one of a kind glitter monogram!  You can choose from an assortment of colors for the monogram, and clothing!
Items you can purchase range from key chains (mentioned above) to koozies, coffee mugs, to clothing!!  You can get hoodies or tshirts, shorts or even pants to add to your fabulous monogram collection!  Another new collection they are offering are for those working on their fitness, or those simply wanting to look Foxie ;)) it's their Foxie Fitness collection, and each piece is unique.
PLEASE make sure you check out this fabulous boutique and look to get your own piece of glittery goodness!!
Until next time, take care, and remember to always leave a trail of glitter.
Alicia aka TheeGlitterBee

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