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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Overnight the highly awaited collection was added to MAC's website and as to no surprise to anyone, it sold out rather quickly.  It IS a gorgeous collection, however I am not sure what, if anything, is popping out at me and yelling "BUY ME, BUY MEE!" 

I am under the assumption that this is information that all of you, my readers, have been made well aware of some time ago.  My question is, what is screaming at you to go and buy?  Maybe once I see some feedback from those who have purchased items, I might have more of a want for something?  As of right now, for me, the jury is still out on this one.

My only reason for purchasing something at this point, from the Marilyn collection, is purely for the novilty of the items.  It's like "I want it, but only because it's MARILYN MONROE!"  Ha-ha I will say this, as I'm typing this, the more I think about it, I am partial to the blushes in this collection.  I think they're very pretty, and would be quite flattering?!

This is the email I received showing items in this collection:

What are you looking to get from this collection?  I'd love to know!!

Until next time, take care!!

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